About Membership | J&K Peoples Democratic Party

Basic Member: – Any person who is a registered or eligible voter in the State and has subscribed to the aims and objectives of the Party, is eligible to be enrolled as the basic member of the Party from the Village/Mohalla of his residence on his making a written declaration on from Appendix “A” and on payment of the membership fee of rupees five (Rs. 50,00,000).

The term of basic membership shall be three years and the membership shall be renewed on payment of requisite fee. The fresh membership drive shall start nine months prior to expiry of running membership. In case a person desirous of becoming a member midway any time after membership drive is completed, he is admitted in the party and his membership term shall completewith the term that shall be running at the time of his joining the party. This amendment of raisingthe term from two years to three years shall be enforced after the expiry of the present term.
Every Basic Member shall have a right to participate in the election of village/Mohalla level committees and shall have one vote.

Honorary member:- Any person who is not eligible to be a Basic Member of Party under Section 3(a) but is a citizen of India and being in agreement with the aims and objectives of the Party wants to or is likely to help in furthering the cause of the Party through his professional knowledge and experience or through other assistance may be admitted as an honorary member subject to such terms and conditions as may be decided by the State Executive Committee from time to time,provided that an honorary member shall have right to participate in any election of the Party.

Delegate: – A basic member who enrols other 50 basic members shall be entitled to be registered asa delegate. The delegate on payment of Rs. 100/- shall be issued an identity card by the State Office with his photograph and his personal particulars on it. Such delegate shall be eligible to contest for any position in the Halqa Committee and/ or above.

Cessation of Membership: – A member of the Party basic or honorary, shall cease to be such member if,
(a) he voluntarily resigns from the membership.
(b) he is expelled from his membership on account of miscount, indiscipline, violation of the principles and policies of the Party or for any other reason that the President may deem sufficient for such expulsion.
(c) he dies.
Provided that an expelled member be eligible to acquire the basic membership on expiry of the period of his expulsion or revocation thereof by the State Executive Committee.

Suspension from Membership: –
(a) A member may be suspended from the Party on any of the grounds mentioned in Section 10(b) for any length of time to be determined by the President.
(b) A basic member who is expelled or suspended pursuant to any of the provisions herein above, shall also cease to be a Card Holders, District Member, office Bearer etc., as the case may be