Act as emissaries of change: Akhtar tells party cadres. Landmark developmental initiatives in pipeline: Bukhari


Ganderbal: Senior PDP leader and Minister for Education, Mr Naeem Akhtar today asked the party cadres to act as agents of change as they have a crucial role to play and a great responsibility to discharge in shaping up a politically stable and economically vibrant Jammu & Kashmir.
Addressing day-long PDP workers convention here, Akhtar said the formation of PDP-BJP coalition is aimed at not only change of government in the state but its objective is to transform the very system of governance by addressing the concerns of misgovernance, corruption and maladministration. He said it was heartening to note that the credibility and image of the present political executive at the top, unlike the past, is above board and it is a matter of time when the new culture of accountability would percolate down to the grassroots level so that people get the much-needed relief from the miseries of the misgovernance and corruption promoted by the NC-Congress coalition regime during the past 6 years.
Akhtar said while the previous NC-Congress coalition government has pushed the state into a virtual financial emergency through its inefficiency, extravagant attitude and rampant malpractices at almost every level, the devastating floods of September 2014 set a blow to the State’s economy. “The present Government has to not only undo the damage done by the previous regime and cope up with the challenges of flood-aftermath, but it has to put in place a new mechanism of clean and accountable administration so that people at the grassroots level feel the change,” he said and added that PDP cadres will have to act as the torch-bearers of this new enterprise for hope which will start showing results soon.
Akhtar said various initiatives are being taken by the PDP-BJP coalition government to institutionalize the anti-graft mechanism and bring in a new culture of probity and accountability in the administration. He said on the development front also various landmark initiatives are in the pipeline and people will start feeling the change with massive infrastructure upgradation in R&B, PHE, Power, Education, Rural Development, Agriculture, Horticulture, Tourism and other key sectors.
Complimenting PDP cadres for having successfully and effectively carried the party’s political and economic agenda to the grassroots level, Ahtar said the PDP cadres sacrificed their personal interests for the larger objective of ensuring peace, dignity and prosperity for the State and its people. “It is because of the untiring efforts of the PDP cadres that their party has today become a real people’s movement across Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.
Addressing the convention, senior PDP leader and Minister for R&B Department, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said the major challenge for the Government is restoration and upgradation of road communication network in Kashmir, which took a massive hit during September floods. “The government is fast-tracking restoration and upgradation of roads and bridges by ending red-tape in award of contracts for the purpose,” he said and added that the tenders for upgradation of roads are being opened on 11 May 2015 and as and when the weather permits, black-topping would start at a massive scale to ensure proper restoration of all the major roads in the State.
Bukhari said as per new norms prescribed by the Government contractors will be held responsible for any damage to black-topping during the first three years. He said the long-pending demand of the locals of Ganderbal and adjoining areas has been addressed by shifting 18 KM stretch of Zakoora-Vyal road from BRO to the State’s Public Works Department to ensure its proper upkeep. He also announced Rs 20 crore for Bubsipora bridge which would provide connectivity to a large population in the area with Ganderbal.
Bukhari also announced that all the roads in Ganderbal, Kangan, Lar and Sonamarg would be black-topped and new schemes would be taken up in the area under PMGSY to ensure proper connectivity to the people.
Urging locals to avail of various schemes and incentives in Floriculture sector like poly-houses, Bukhari announced that the Gardens and Parks Department would provide adequate funds for the upkeep of all the local parks including Kenriya Park, Fatehpur Park, Jaroka Park and Manasbal Park.
He urged the Panchayat members and the PDP cadres to monitor the developmental works being executed in their respective areas and inform the Government functionaries about any laxity in such works so that necessary remedial measures are taken immediately. He said the ministers are there at the beck and call of the people who have elected them.
PDP General Secretary Nizamuddin Bhat, Member Parliament Fayaz Ahmad Mir, MLC, Yasir Reshi and local PDP leaders, Qazi Mohammad Afzal and Bashir Ahmad Mir also addressed the convention.