Altaf Bukhari thanks people, workers for his success


Srinagar: Senior PDP leader and MLA Syed Altaf Bukhari Wednesday expressed gratitude to the people of Amirakadal constituency for giving an impressive mandate to PDP.

In a statement issued here, Bukhari reiterated his commitment saying that he tirelessly work for the people of his constituency. He expressed gratitude to the people of his constituency especially the youth and the first time voters who casted their franchise in his favour.

“The support extended by the people of my constituency especially the youth for the PDP’s policies of peace and development will surely be responded by us with inclusive growth, economic prosperity, peace and justice,” Bukhari said.

The PDP senior leader said that he is humbled to be elected by the people of his constituency and he will take full advantage of this opportunity to serve them in every possible manner. “I am fully aware about the challenges ahead more particularly the rehabilitation work in my constituency that has been posed by the unprecedented deluge. I assure you that I will be always there to mitigate your sufferings within my humble capacity,” Bukhari remarked.

Bukhari congratulated the PDP workers in general and those of Amirakadal constituency in particular for working tirelessly day and night despite all odds to ensure his impressive win. “I am thankful to the people of my constituency who came out to vote in spite of heavy odds including the biting cold to cast their votes in my favour. I appreciate the resolve and the commitment of my workers and want to congratulate people of Amirakadal for showing their wisdom and voting out NC and other candidates on December 14,” Bukhari said while pledging that he will always work for the development of Amirakadal and will side with them in their thick and thin.

Bukhari also acknowledged the hard work of his workers who put in all their blood and sweat in incrementing the voter turnout for ensuring his victory. “I thank all people who came out especially the first time voters who voted for me,” Bukhari said while pledging to make his constituency a model constituency in Kashmir.