Bhat demands improvement in health sector and resolution of fuel crisis in valley.


Srinagar: PDP has invited the attention of government towards the soaring problems in health sector which generally arise from lack of infrastructure, manpower and administrative control.

PDP General Secretary Nizamudin Bhat today said that health sector enjoys a primary place in any scheme of development and growth and no society can ever flourish without due regard for this. He said that main hospitals including hospitals at district sector deserve immediate attention to improve the available expertise, infrastructure and management.

The PDP office here in Srinagar has received several complaints of casual approach to health care at Psychiatric Hospital, Hospital for laparos , several district hospitals including SDH Bandipore and district Hospital Kupwara. Several deputations today complained of lack of transport, medicines and cleanliness at the hospitals suffering mostly for administrative disorder. The crisis at various hospitals has deepened particularly due to immediate need for fuel. The shortage of which created chaos in the valley since two days.

PDP General Secretary has demanded urgent action to resolve the fuel crisis and has hoped that till improvement in stock position the emergency services will not be made to suffer for want of fuel. The mobility of primary health centres , referral as well as tertiary hospitals needs to be made adequate for appropriate health care and treatment of emergency cases.

Bhat acknowledged that surprise visits by ministers and senior officers do help improve the administration of hospitals, But the augmentation of staff and equipments is an urgent issue which needs to be addressed. In this regard he said the recruitment of para medical staff and doctors is one area which remained neglected despite demand. He also pointed out to functioning of NRHM and said that utilization of funds received for staff improvement in rural areas deserve a review. He hoped that government will appreciate the public distress and a chaotic situation to make necessary amends, so that a focused improvement is made visible in the health sector.