“Overwhelming people’s participation in the electoral process will not only make the public representatives accountable before the people but it is a must to safeguard the special constitutional position granted to the state in view of its peculiar historical background,” he said while addressing public meetings in Sopore and Handwara.

Mufti said PDP has been able to inspire confidence, among a majority of the people in all the regions of the state, about its ability to solve the multiple problems faced by Jammu and Kashmir on political, economic, administrative and financial front and it is fighting the ongoing assembly elections with a specific agenda to get the state out of the present distress, underdevelopment and economic backwardness. “To ensure that the people have to give the party a decisive mandate in the elections,” he said.  With a clear mandate, Mufti said, the party will not carry forward its agenda of political resolution, good governance and employment generation and convert Jammu and Kashmir into a real welfare state, but can take the forces head-on who are hell bent upon to damage the J&K’s distinct identity.

Mufti said the aim of the PDP is not only to give voice to the aspiration and sentiments of the people but it will seriously pursue its agenda of political resolution and good governance in the state once voted to form the government. “We will pursue the party’s vision document, Self Rule, as the framework of resolution of Jammu and Kashmir issue, will rebuild the lives, livelihood and infrastructure afresh and provide effective governance to the people,” he said.