Rise of BJP result of UPA’s failures: Mehbooba

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Jammu: The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Saturday said the rise of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) in the country and in Jammu & Kashmir is directly related to the non-performance and colossal failure of UPA to address problems of the people.
Addressing public meetings at Kishtawar and Chartroo areas of the Udhampor parliamentary constituency, Mehbooba said NC by targeting the PDP is only trying to find alibis for its mis-governance, corruption, atrocities and lack of performance.
She said while the BJP made apparent gains at the cost of UPA, the ruling coalition failed to respond to the rise of its rivals by applying correctives and changing its policies and instead of doing that it took injudicious and grossly inhuman measures like hanging Mohammad Afzal Guroo out of turn in a failed attempt to stop Narender Modi’s campaign.
“Had the UPA done something solid and positive but by refusing to do so it made BJP’s task easy,” she said.
Mehbooba said Omar Abdullah presided over the most corrupt and inefficient regime in the state which not only unleashed huge atrocities on the people but even got disgrace to the state’s authority by not working wisely.
She said there were occasions when Omar Abdullah could have acted seriously to punish his associates in the cabinet and other ‘high and powerful’ who were find involved in the serious corruption cases, misuse of authority and other malpractices but he preferred the other way around fearing reprisal.
The mysterious death of Haji Yousuf at Omar Abdullah’s, she said was not a simple death but it was a death for money in highly dubious circumstances. Had the chief minister allowed a thorough investigation to happen in the case it could have thrown open startling revelations before the people that how money was sought to get ministerial berths and MLC seats, she added.
She said the utter disregard of the law came to fore when the government didn’t act in the high profile Cricket scam in which Dr Farooq Abdullah was found involved.
Dr Farooq was not touched because he was ‘powerful’ person and father of the chief minister, she said.
“Dr Farooq Abdullah instead of having any remorse for his misdoings has insulted the entire population by calling them as ‘Maha Chors’ (Big Thieves) without looking at himself,” she said adding the people who should have been in jail elsewhere, but in J&K they are running the government and looting its resources with all impunity.
She said many sitting ministers who came into notice for their corrupt practices like promoting interests of their relations, grabbing state land, owning palatial houses in and outside the state even abroad, fake drug scam, PHE scam, continue to be in office that shows how different yardsticks are used in J&K when it comes to the enforcement of the law
Referring to the molestation case involving Shabir Khan, she said he may have used nationalism a tool to evade arrest but by not acting tough against him Omar Abdullah’s government has shown its helplessness to act and its cumulative effect was loss of credibility and lack of authority of this government.