Coalition boat sinking under weight of its own sins: Mufti


Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has said the ruling National Conference -Congress coalition in the state is collapsing under the weight of its own sins against the people of Jammu & Kashmir.
Addressing a public meeting in Chadoora assembly segment of Srinagar parliamentary constituency today Mufti said Omar Abdullah’s government was doomed from day one as the coalition was cobbled up only to grab power without any agenda for governance.
On the occasion party’s candidate for parliamentary elections Tariq Hameed Karra, MLA Chadoora, Javed Mustafa Mir, and others were also present.
Mufti said the collapse of this government is imminent as is obvious from the wave of anger sweeping across the state against it. He said this government has from day one faltered at every step and provided ample evidence that it has neither vision, direction nor any sense of purpose.
“Omar Abdullah’s only ambition was to become the chief minister for six years which he later even projected as his only achievement and in the process subsumed the NC into congress”, he said.
Mufti said the NC as a regional party should have insisted on having Common Minimum Programme (CMP) with the Congress before entering into an alliance as the PDP had done in 2002, which brought immediate relief and change in the state.
But, instead of doing so they made the alliance only a matter of power and immunity against the misconduct of the leaders of coalition. That is why no action was taken in any of the scandals that surfaced during the last five-and-half years which touched even the chief minister not to speak of most of his ministers.
Mufti said the Lok Sabha elections provide a golden opportunity to the people of the state to get rid of the exploitative politics of the NC as they have a better alternative available in the shape of PDP.
He said PDP is a party that is guided only by the interests of the people and has therefore presented a specific agenda for its elected members in the Lok Sabha. NC on the other hand has not bothered even to present a manifesto and its leader and candidate for Srinagar declared that ‘I am the agenda’, Mufti said.
He said this exposes that inability of NC even to think about issues not to speak of any action in the interests of the state. “At the fag-end of their tenure the NC is trying to project its alliance with Congress as its greatest achievement not realizing that people consider it as the beginning of the end of a party that had once a complete monopoly on the politics of the state”, Mufti said.
While addressing the gathering the party’s candidate for Srinagar parliamentary constituency, Tariq Hameed Karra said the ruling party is frustrated with the growing anger against it and it is now employing cheap tricks to woo the electorate in its failure as it has nothing to show by way of its performance over the last more than five years.
He said there are reports that NC is distributing fake cheques, money, sewing machines and importantly invoking religion by making people to swear on the Quran to support them in the elections which is unfortunate and equally makes people to understand the machinations of the ruling party which are harmful for the state. He said at many places they are showing work orders to buy loyalties and many other places they have dumped electric poles to mislead the people.